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Lisa Ashe, Partner, Transaction Advisory Services, sets out how a short term cash flow forecast differs from a budget or business plan and offers practical preparation tips in this introduction to cash flow forecasting.

Advice for cash flow management including:

  • Communicating with your staff, bank, customers, suppliers, landlord
  • Creating a 13-week cash flow forecast
  • Credit control
  • Identifying crunch points,
  • Reviewiewing non-essential expenditure and budgets
  • Government help


Businesses can claim tax allowances and reliefs available to reduce the outflow of cash in tax payments or raising cash through tax repayments. A detailed review of your capital allowances can help reduce current tax liabilities. Considering prior years expenditure, where capital allowances may not have been claimed or fully reviewed to maximise the allowances available, could boost your cash flow by generating tax repayments. This article by elaborates on claiming tax allowances and reliefs.

This article covers chasing late payments, speaking to creditors, incentivising early payments and using government support to manage fixed costs.

This article collects advice and tips and revisited cash flow best practices for a 12 month period, including moving to a 12-month forecast, anticipating big crunch points, reviewing cash flow weekly, paying attention to seasonal variation, making it easier to get paid, offering retainers to clients and having a debt chasing process.

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