West London PPE Suppliers list

List and contact details of PPE suppliers in West London

  • Prakash Patel
    Tel: 020 7727 6969
    Website is www.approvedppe.com
  • Light Initiative – NW10 7QP
    Face Visors – kay@lightinitiative.co.uk
    Tel: 020 8965 7796
  • Amari Plastics – Masks and visors – NW10 7RL
    Tel: 020 8961 1961
  • Roger Genis
  • Gul Singh Gul.singh025@gmail.com
    Tel: 07595 538536
  • AVISERV – Ahamed Wadood
    07894 214940
  •  Preedy Glass – Preventative Screens – NW10 7PQ
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 8965 1323
    Direct Dial: +44 (0) 20 3188 7802
    Mobile: +44 (0) 7802 536347
  • Armani Vashiarmani@zeltu.com – 10,000 surgical gowns available; 200,000 non surgical (care homes).
  • Christopher Tucker
    Tel:020 7193 0108
  • WRAPOLOGY (just disposable masks)
    Annika Bosanquet
    Tel:07973 628287
  • PPE – VDOC GLOBAL – suresh@qmsh.co.uk or ppe@vdoc.global. Tel: 020 7112 7580

Competition and Markets Authority

Joint statement against price gouging from Competition and Markets Authority, alongside:

  • Association of Convenience Stores
  • Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies
  • British Retail Consortium
  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute
  • Federation of Independent Retailers (NFRN)
  • Federation of Wholesale Distributors
  • Scottish Wholesale Association

We remain concerned about the behaviour of a small number of businesses at this time. The vast majority have responded responsibly, but there is a minority who have not. Those who inflate prices to profit off the backs of their customers are adding to their distress at a time of particular vulnerability and may be severely damaging their own reputation.

Consumers are likely to remember those businesses who attempted to profiteer and may well vote with their wallets once this crisis ends. For many businesses, the crisis could represent an opportunity to do the right thing, and as a result develop relationships with new customers.

Based on evidence the CMA has received since it launched its Taskforce, the largest price increases, as well as the largest number of price complaints, concern hand sanitiser, with a median reported rise of just under 400%. The average reported increase across all reports, covering products such as paracetamol, flour, meat, toilet roll, rice and eggs is 160%.

If customers have been affected by price rises, they can report poor business behaviour to the CMA using its online form to report businesses. In addition the CMA urges retailers to report examples where prices are being raised because of increases in supplier costs through the same form.

The CMA is keeping all evidence it receives under review and will not hesitate to take enforcement action where there is evidence that the law has been broken.

Covid-19 Taskforce

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) established its COVID-19 Taskforce to identify, monitor and respond to competition and consumer problems arising from coronavirus and the measures taken to contain it.

This report sets out some of the work of the Taskforce, focusing on the complaints received and the actions in response.

What to do if you’re self-employed and getting less work or no work

Claim a grant if you’ve lost income

If you’re getting less work or no work because of coronavirus (COVID-19), you might be able to claim a grant through the coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

Other financial support

If you’re getting less work or no work because of coronavirus (COVID-19), you can also:

You might also be able to get New Style Employment and Support Allowance if one of the following applies to you or your child, now or some time in the past:

  • you’re at high risk because you have an underlying health condition (shielding)
  • you’re self-isolating because you have symptoms of coronavirus
  • you’re self-isolating because you came into contact with someone who has symptoms of coronavirus, or you were told to self-isolate by a test and trace service

Interviews and assessments will be done by telephone. You should not go to a Jobcentre Plus unless asked to do so for an exceptional purpose, for example to collect your Payment Exception Service vouchers.

Your Universal Credit payment is based on your actual earnings. You need to report any self-employed earnings and expenses at the end of each monthly assessment period.

Processing your application

Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it might take longer than usual to process your application and answer questions about it. We apologise for these delays – we know this is a difficult time.

Advance payments

If you do not have enough money to live on while you wait for your first Universal Credit payment you can ask for an advance payment.

If you cannot make a Self Assessment payment on account

If you are due to make a Self Assessment payment on account by 31 July 2020, you can put off your payment until January 2021.

Looking for other work

Find full or part-time jobs in England, Scotland and Wales using the Find a job service. There is a different service to search for jobs in Northern Ireland.

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